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PKGO Hibachi


We’ve been perfecting one type of grill for almost 70 years, steering clear of the fads and staying focused on the purity of cooking outdoors over a real charcoal fire.

Our priority has been how to make the PK Grill work better, not look or act differently. And we haven’t done half bad: our new 2020 PKGO is smaller, lighter and more functional than any other PK Grill. Its distinctive cast aluminum capsule stands apart, as recognizable in a crowd as ever.

Nobody in the world makes a more unique or durable charcoal grill than we do because nobody has been perfecting the same simple formula for as long.

PK Grills are built to cook and built to last.


  • Materials: Rust-proof cast aluminum top and bottom. Aluminum cart with stainless hardware. Nickel steel cooking surface. Stainless cooking surface available.
  • Total Height from Ground: 13 inches
  • External Width Including Cart: 21 inches
  • Total depth: 15.3 inches
  • Cooking Surface Dimensions: 17 x 12 inches
  • Description
    PKGO Hibachi

    About This Item

    The PKGO’s Construction Eliminates Hot Spots

    Unlike other grills, the PKGO cook chamber is constructed entirely from aluminum. Aluminum conducts heat 4x more efficiently than steel, which means heat is dispersed evenly throughout the capsule. Say goodbye to expensive mistakes and hello to evenly cooked meats and veggies.

    The PKGO’s Construction is Rust Proof

    Your PKGO will be with you through decades of sunshine, rain, sleet, snow, humidity, disco music, you name it. PK grills produced before the moon landing are still cooking strong to this day, so buying a rust-proof aluminum PK saves you dollars in the long run.

    Smart Capsule Design & Venting System

    The PKGO is shaped like a bullet aimed at your taste buds and features 4 easy-to-use vents, allowing you to set up zones and precisely control airflow inside the capsule.

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    The PK is a world class grill and smoker. There is no need to choose between these two important functions or purchase separate equipment. Whether you intend to grill at high temperatures for short periods, like burgers and hot dogs, or at low temperatures over longer periods, like pork shoulder and beef brisket, the cast aluminum PK will make you a backyard hero because it nails the landing on both. The nickel-plated steel hinged grid makes refueling for long smokes easy without having to remove the cooking surface or move the food. Get the best of both worlds with a new PK.

    PK Grills Charcoal & Grill Smoker
    Versatile Charcoal Grill & Smoker

    The PK is a world class grill and smoker. There is no need to choose between these two important functions or purchase separate equipment.

    PK Grills Grills Control & Monitor
    Unbeatable Temperature and Air Control

    Aluminum conducts heat more efficiently than other common grill materials which provides for a smooth distribution of heat around the PK capsule

    PK Grills Heat Retention
    Superior Heat Retention

    The edges of the heavy top and bottom castings of the PK grill are worked by hand to ensure a tight seal against heat and smoke

    PK Grills Durablity
    Durable and Rustproof

    Because aluminum is inherently rustproof, this could be the last grill you ever buy. The PK is the smart choice for all climates.

    Green Mountain Grills Server Mode
    Built for Home and Adventure

    Take the PK charcoal grill and smoker anywhere and don't sacrifice the quality of your food.

    Green Mountain Grills Server Mode
    Poured by Hand

    The aluminum we use to cast our distinctive charcoal grill and smoker is hand-poured into individual molds.