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Twin Eagles Grills combine the art of grilling with cutting-edge technology to create a superior cooking experience. These grills are expertly engineered and constructed from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring they stand the test of time. With precision control and even heat distribution, Twin Eagles Grills empower grillmasters to achieve culinary perfection with every meal.

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Twin Eagles represents the top of the line when it comes to built-in gas grills. Their lineup blends professional performance with luxury style. Shop the complete line of Twin Eagles Grills below.

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Built-In Performance

The Eagle One Super Premium Grill features exceptional design and exclusive features. It merges sleek style with straightforward details, resulting in all-around elegance. Every detail enhances your cooking experience. Chef-grade hexagonal grates produce ideal food to surface contact, while an LED above each burner knob lets you know as the burner reaches warm, hot, and searing temperatures.

Innovative Features

Twin Eagles Grills offer a number of unique and innovative features that truly help them stand apart from the crowd. Chef grade hexagonal grates cook food more evenly, TempTrack illumination shares the overall grill temperature and their zone grills allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures simultaneously

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Professional-Grade Materials

From their extra-large ½” diameter hexagonal grates that deliver maximum food-to-surface contact to the exact control illumination that keeps you notified as each burner reaches warm, hot, and searing, Twin Eagles Grills provide everything you need to cook like a pro. 

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Twin Eagles provides top of the line components for the outdoor kitchen or built-in BBQ of your dreams. Click below to set up a consultation!

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